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Enhancing individual and team performance, to achieve breakthrough outcomes and succeed in complex environments

Achieving sustainable behaviour change through cutting edge cognitive tools

Transforming professional behaviour  to deal with the complexities and disruptions of the modern world

The business environment is more complex and unpredictable than ever. With increased volumes of information and the fast pace of change, it becomes overwhelming to determine what is important and how you should think when making business decisions. These factors affect one’s professional and business future, as it is critical to think clearly in any situation. 

The “Sań≠d Business School” at “Oxford University” says that to manage this complexity, executives need to develop “Ripple Intelligence” to prosper. This describes the capability to visualise several events as they merge and being able to estimate and partially predict the likely outcomes. 

Cognaissance is a personal and professional development organisation, specialising in cognitive thinking, profiling and development tools to help our clients navigate this complexity.

We work with you to put the world into perspective, allowing you to make better decisions and improve your capability to deal with complex issues and ambiguity. We help you understand yourself and your competitive environment as never before.
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